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About me

I provide fitness training, weight loss guidance, strength and endurance training, mobility exercises, weight lifting, aerobics interval training, cardio training, flexibility training, yoga, Pilates, Pilates reformer machine, nutrition, fitness assessments, dance lessons, and more. I've received my personal training license through the American Academy of Personal Training.

I became a personal trainer, because I wanted to share my passion for health and fitness with others. To me, fitness is a way of living. I love to help others understand what it is to have a healthier lifestyle. Instead of following a temporary diet, I believe that people will feel amazing about themselves by making a realistic change about how they view exercise and food which will, therefore, lead to a permanent, healthier lifestyle.

I feel that I have the skills and tools to help others harmonize a happier mind/body/spirit connection. My background as a professional dancer, a yoga instructor, and now, a personal trainer has provided me with the ability to understand health and fitness from many points of view. I can, therefore, reach out to all types of clients, no matter their age, fitness level, goals, style of exercise, motivation type, etc.

I guide and motivate my clients by personalizing each of their program designs to better meet their unique fitness goals and improve their overall health and wellness. Together, we will achieve your goals through a positive and rewarding journey!

How I got started:
I was a professional dancer my whole life. Through dance, I enjoyed mostly the methods and exercises to keep myself in top shape. It's very difficult to maintain and slim and athletic body. Don't ever judge a dancers strength.
   I realized through dance that I wanted to help all kinds of people with different goals in mind and different backgrounds in fitness. I appreciated the days we had dedicated to nutrition, Pilates, yoga, and different variations of exercise.
    At the same time my parents had the opposite view of exercise. They ate just fast food and never wanted to do any physical activities. It made me sad for them to not appreciate the healthy lifestyle the way I did. So I constantly check up on them to help them balance their nutrition and activity level by helping make small changes everyday. This made me feel good to help them. I realized I wanted to help others the same way. The small changes on how one cooks or makes use of a few minutes everyday is life changing. And of course having a one on one session once to three times a week makes a huge impact on succeeding faster with one's goals and creating an understanding what it is to enjoy the path to a better version of themselves.

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